We are pleased to welcome you to our Clinic.

Where we offer Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy in one convenient downtown Edmonton location.

*We offer evening and weekend appointments.

*All of our talented Practitioners are Licensed and Registered.

*We offer separate or combination appointments. 

*We are pleased to finally announce that we offer Direct Billing!!


We can direct bill for a list of over 20 of the top insurers in Alberta, for any length of appointment and/or including split billing between two disciplines. For a complete list and more information click the direct billing drop down form the menu.

To be set up for direct billing with our clinic we advise you to contact us before you come in for your next appointment as it may take a few days to get everything set up with your insurer. Notify us by calling or texting our main clinic number @ 780-246-0682.


Call us or click the “book an appointment” button to schedule yourself in online and to find out how we can help you feel your best. We promise you will leave rested, rejuvenated and relaxed!


Offering Direct Billing, A big step for our little clinic.


Happy New Year Everyone 🙂 we know were late, but well.. we have been busy planning something special for you for 2020: Direct Billing !!! Yay!!!

We are so pleased to be able to finally be able to offer this service to all of our Clients, in fact it took us most of 2019 to set it all

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These 3 Activities Will Keep Your Mind Sharp and Bring You Joy



Yes, nutrition and exercise are paramount for a long, healthy life. But keeping your mind sharp is just as important. Whether you’re a senior looking to combat cognitive decline, a younger person who is trying to excel in your career, or someone who’s battling addiction, one of the best things you can do is find a

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5 Ways an Acupuncturist Can Help You Tackle the Side Effects of Your Desk Job

Tight hips: In today’s society, many people are chronic sitters who spend much of their day with flexed hips. As a result, the hip flexor muscles can become short and tight causing limited range of motion and a shorter stride length.  The psoas is a hip flexor muscle which attaches at the lumbar spine and travels through the abdominal … Continue reading