Dear Clients,
YES!! We are reopening soon !

We are currently still closed but working on our procedures and policies so we can reopen shortly with all of our safety protocols in place.

Please be patient with us as we have an overwhelming request for appointments and reduced capacity.

Chiropractic is currently open as of May 15th. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy will be open as of June 19th.

These first few weeks of June we will be working through our lists of Patents whom have been cancelled form March 15th of this year forward in historical order. If you had an apt with us that was cancelled we will be calling or texting you within the next week to offer you our first appointments for rebooking.

At this time we will not be reopening online booking until we have recalled all of our existing Patient list.

If you would like to rebook, or book in general and you are not sure if you are on our list please text your name and preferred apt type and time to our mainline at 780-246-0682.

We can’t wait to see you soon !!


We also have a small supply of of antiviral and immune boosting herbal medicines and our Hand Crafted Body Lotions available to drop off/ship to you as needed. To submit your order please email:


Herbal/ Immune boosting/ lung tonifing and antiviral Inventory:

Dear Community: It may be inevitable that in the coming days many people around us will be getting sick. It is our most sincere hope that by sharing this knowledge and information and making these products and herbs available to you in our community we can help support all of us in the difficult days ahead. While these herbs and Continue reading


Due to requirements by our governing bodies we have temporarily suspended services at the clinic.

Currently you will not be able to Schedule online until after the 8th of April.
We will be rescheduling all patients that were booked in March, tentatively in April.
Kindly let us know by email, should you need to reschedule.

This current situation

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IMPORTANT: updates about Covid-19 and the clinic

Good afternoon Community

Like so many of these you may have received already we find ourselvesĀ grappling with the difficult decision to remain open or to temporarily suspend services. We want you to know we take this situation very seriously and personally. In health care we act always in protection of vulnerable persons. We want you to know for us as

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