Whoop Hooo

The staff at BodyDevotion are caring, empathetic, professional, knowledgeable, and cater to the personal, individual needs of those in their care.  Attending therapy sessions at Body Devotion has made a tremendous, positive impact in my personal well-being and lifestyle.  As a result, I am more invigorated, have developed greater stamina, more confidence, have alleviated stress, and improved the ability to function normally with my daily life skills.   It is without hesitation, that I recommend Body Devotion to anyone who wants to make a constructive change in their physical and mental health, with tangible results!  (published copy)


The staff at Body Devotion with tantalize you with their iron fingers and electrical shock treatment to alleviate pain, misery, and suffering to make you feel revitalized! Through a host of bizarre treatment techniques, they will leave your body with magical sensations as you walkout of Body Devotions feeling relieved for the wear and tear with less pain and discomfort than before you walked in the door.  As soon as you get home and turn on your computer Body Devotion will send you a message confirming your next rigorous appointment.   As a client of Body Devotion you will be invited to their open house with scrumptious food, authentic body demonstrations, with the opportunity to purchase gift cards and products.  Where ever you are in Edmonton and surrounding area, don’t be surprised if someone taps you on the shoulder and says “Get Your Ass Down to Body Devotions!”  (non-published copy)


Bill K