Thank you BodyDevotion!

Devotion to clients is the best service to give and receive. I can honestly say that theĀ  Body Devotion staff consistently provide their dedication and commitment to making me well again!

I would like to recognize:

Sonya, Client Care/Marketing Manager, made it possible to start treatments immediately for MVA injuries.

Brandy, is an exceptional acupuncturist, she saw me initially and made a great treatment plan with her team of experts.

Rachel, is a very talented and intuitive acupuncturist, she expresses her passion with her magical touch!

Miranda, is a very powerful massage therapist, provides incredible relief from her superwoman powers!

I am very appreciative and as I have been receiving treatments for only one month, I know that I have found my place to go to for my mind, body and soul. A gem place devoted to making a difference in helping others be well again. Thank you BodyDevotion!



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