Joanne M.

I highly recommend Body Devotion!

I was once one of those people who got a massage when I hurt myself and when I started to feel better I would stop getting treatment. Then when I started to have chronic hip and osteoarthritis pain I started getting regular massage and cupping. That’s the way to do it – with regular treatments.

Now that I have found Body Devotion I feel like I am home.

Love the acupuncture and cupping and Alex gives a great deep tissue massage.

I met Mary and I knew she was the right massage therapist for me after my first appointment. I have been getting regular massage for years now and Mary is an excellent RMT. She really knows how to get deep into the muscles and her cupping technique is amazing too. I think getting cupping is like having 2 massages at the same time. Mary will place the cups and work on other areas while the cups do their thing. Don’t get me wrong, cupping can be painful but not unbearable and it really helps to stretch out and loosen things up.

Mary is friendly and easy to talk to. I cannot say enough about the benefits of regular treatment and I highly recommend Mary and Body Devotion.

Make time for yourself and go to Body Devotion!

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