Who doesn’t like sleeping like a baby?!

In May 2018 I was T-boned in a car accident after someone failed to yield. Even after spending a lot of money and time on chiropractic and massage therapy, (about 35+ sessions in total) I still had pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulder areas that would keep me awake at night. Every night it would easily take more... Read more »

I’m so please that you have your Cleanse Program again!

I went on BodyDevotion’s Cleanse program last spring. I thought that at my age my body definitely needed a cleanse. I was amazed. I felt so good. I lost 15 pounds and most importantly I got off taking my high blood pressure pills. I did gain back over the year, 4 lbs, but still haven’t had to get back on

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I would recommend her to anyone looking for relief from acupuncture.

I’ve seen Holly in the past for acupuncture for a dance injury, with a lot of success in repairing the issue with just one session. Most recently I’ve been seeing her for acupuncture for my TMJ. I’ve done 2 sessions so far one week apart and I see and feel so much improvement. Before seeing her I could barley open

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Thank you BodyDevotion!

Devotion to clients is the best service to give and receive. I can honestly say that theĀ  Body Devotion staff consistently provide their dedication and commitment to making me well again!

I would like to recognize:

Sonya, Client Care/Marketing Manager, made it possible to start treatments immediately for MVA injuries.

Brandy, is an exceptional acupuncturist, she saw me initially and

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