IMPORTANT: updates about Covid-19 and the clinic

Good afternoon Community

Like so many of these you may have received already we find ourselves grappling with the difficult decision to remain open or to temporarily suspend services. We want you to know we take this situation very seriously and personally. In health care we act always in protection of vulnerable persons. We want you to know for us as well this is very personal, as some of our team and families are those vulnerable persons. For most of us this may be a flu that will pass, for some of us the current situation is much more severe and it is by and for these people we state and ask the following.

For now we have decided to remain open alongside our Medical team.
We have always and will continue to institute a strict protocol for hygiene and cleanliness in the clinic

We have been taking our cues and information directly from the WHO and Alberta Health and have already set a standard of going beyond what they have been recommending.

We have been working closely with our in house Medical team for the past month and have already established required periods of isolation for all staff whom have travelled internationally, and as of this past Monday, all will be requiring medical clearance before returning to work.

We have begun this action from early March and will continue forward with our overly cautious approach as we continue to assess the current risks.

As our clinic is not a place where mass amounts of people gather, on average our clinic is visited by less than 10 people per day in separate and constantly cleaned treatment rooms.

Even still we will be stepping up our efforts and taking proactive cleaning measures between patient visits to ensure you our Community continue to feel comfortable and safe coming into the clinic.

We will be adding extra time between each visit to give an additional thorough cleaning using medical grade cleaners on all treatments spaces and tools, everything from door knobs to face cradles.

We would also like to remind and encourage both clients and staff, to stay up to date with accurate information, from trustworthy and current sources, such as AHS and the Government of Alberta.

We also ask clients and staff to stay home if they are feeling unwell. We will be waiving all fees normally associated with last-minute cancellations, kindly let us know by phone, text, or email, should you need to reschedule.
Phone or text: 780-246-0682

This current situation is highly variable and we will continue to amend our policies as new information arises. We are following the Health Canada guidelines on safe hygiene practices.

We will also be topping up our supply of antivirals and herbal medicines which enhance overall immunity. These are currently available in clinic, and for those whom are not available to come into the clinic we will be working at making them more available to drop off/ship to you as needed in the near future.

I will be writing a series of blogs about simple things we can do to improve immunity, lung and lymphatic health, and how we can work on bolstering our immunity as a community. Please follow us on FB and/or IG, or check back to our website for further information.

Wishing everybody good health in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
Brandy Buchanan – R.Ac, Owner
Sonya Gruz-Brownlow – Client Care Manager
BodyDevotion Acupuncture and Massage

Alberta Health Services
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