Herbal/ Immune boosting/ lung tonifing and antiviral Inventory:

Dear Community:
It may be inevitable that in the coming days many people around us will be getting sick. It is our most sincere hope that by sharing this knowledge and information and making these products and herbs available to you in our community we can help support all of us in the difficult days ahead.
While these herbs and supplements may not be as powerful as vaccines and drug antivirals. This are a carefully curated list to help you build up your bodies immune system and lung strength.
Please note: the information below does not attempt to diagnose or cure any disease. If you think you may have contracted CoVid-19, Please call Health Link at 811 Immediately and in the mean time here are some things you can do to support yourself.
For what we know of Covid-19, is that it attaches in the throat and bronchial tubes and then enters the lungs where if allowed to proliferate, will cause heavy mucous which blocks the lungs and is the causation of mortality in such cases.
So knowing this we feel there are 3 approaches which need to be addressed.
1. Prevention: avoiding the virus
and strengthening the immune system before you get sick.
2. Supporting the lungs in general, cleansing the lungs of debris and phlegm in general and strengthening the tissues of the throat, lungs and bronchioles. Again, best is BEFORE we come into contact with this virus.
3. If you happen to contract the virus it is very important to stop or slow the proliferation phase of the virus ASAP. At this time you would be contacting 811 and then try to support your body as much as possible with any antiviral herbs or medicines you have available to you. The Proliferation Phase is referring to the first few days when your symptoms are minor and may include a sore throat, fever, or minor cough.

What we have available: 

Herbal Immune boosting, lung tonic and antiviral Inventory:

Astragalus Combination 1:                                                12 units @ 33$

Echinacea Mix :                                                                    12 units @ 33$

Cold remedy (Gan Mao sachets):                                      1 Unit @ $15.75

Dao Labs cold and allergy (15 pack of singles):              1 Unit @ $50.40

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan:                                                           1 Unit @ $31.43

Cold relief Granules (single serving):                               4 Units @ $2.10 

Nin Jiom  (cough syrup):                                                     5 Units @ $15.75

Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang                                                          6 units @ $25.20

Phlegm Transforming                                                         1 Unit @ $26.25

Xiao Chai Hu Tang                                                               6 Units @ $47.25

Xiao Yao San                                                                        10 Units @ $36.15

Yin Qiao San                                                                         9 Units @ $10.50

L-Lysine                                                                                 Potentially 2 Units

Colloidal Silver                                                                     none at this time. 

Gan Mao Ling                                                                      none at this time $27.30

Essential Oils

Tea Tree (10ml)                                                                   3 units @ $9.98  Potentially +30 more.

Eucalyptus (10ml)                                                               3 units @ $9.98  Potentially +30 more.

Peppermint (10ml)                                                             4 units @ $9.98  Potentially  +30 More.

Hand Sanitizer                                Potentially 60 units available


We are attempting to make these available to you as close to cost as possible. We are going to be able to include contactless drop off to deliver to your door in the local Edmonton area. For distance orders, shipping is not included. 

To order or if you have further questions please contact us via email.



Thank you, and please take care of yourselves,

Brandy Buchanan R.Ac, Owner BodyDevotion.

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